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SPIN Information

  • The primary function of the SPIN System is to reduce paperwork and to allow you to register for sports and submit required documents regarding athletics. This is where you will sign up for your volunteer lunch hours, as well. All other MANDATED forms are now located in the Parent Web under Web Forms. The link to the Parent Web is located under "Login" on the home page of this website.

    If you already know your username and password for SPIN enter that information on the main screen to access your records.

    For first time users, please contact the school office or email Lori Schmidt at lschmidt@gacsfl.com for your username and password.

    Once you are logged into the system, the first thing you should do is change your password. Click the “Change Password” link, enter the old and new passwords, then “Submit”.

    If you want to change your username and/or email address, click the “Change Username / Email” link, then “Edit” on the next screen. Enter the new username and/or email address and click submit. If the change was successful, you will have to log back onto the system again with the new username. If the username already exists, an error message will appear.

    The Menu

    The following is a brief description of the main categories available to you.

    Change Username / Email – See above
    1. Athletics (Grade 4: Cheerleading only, Grades 5-8: All Sports)
    a) **Athletic Contract – Submit one per child / sport.
    b) Contact Athletic Director – Contact and email information for the Athletic Director.
    c) **Health Screening – PDF form to be printed and signed by your family doctor.
    d) **Parent Code of Ethics – Submit one per family.
    e) **Player Code of Ethics – Submit one per child.
    g) Volunteer Coaching – Submit one per volunteer

    Volunteers / Time Sheet
    a) **Lunch Volunteer Dates - Each family must work two lunchroom duties.