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Mission and Beliefs

  • Christ is the foundation of Guardian Angels Catholic School, where pastors, administration, teachers, parents, and students, work together as a Catholic family, centered on Christ, to serve our Church, our school, and our community with a focus on faith, academic excellence, and the celebration of each unique child.

    Statement of Beliefs

    With the goal of moral and spiritual growth, we believe that
    · We must proclaim the gospel message of Jesus, build faith communities, celebrate through worship and serve others.
    · Each student is a unique child of God and must be valued.

    With the goal of personal and social growth, we believe that
    · Commitment to creating confident, life-long learners that will become productive members of society is paramount.
    · Mutual respect amongst and between the students, staff and parents creates a wholesome, Christ-filled learning environment.
    · Student spiritual, emotional, academic and physical growth must remain a priority.

    With the goal of academic excellence, we believe that
    · Parents are the primary educators of their children
    · Students should learn in a variety of ways and be actively involved in their learning.
    · A safe and healthy learning environment promotes success and is everyone’s responsibility.
    · On-going evaluation and improvement of the curriculum is crucial to the development of a sound educational program